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Dr. George Atsalakis

Assistant Professor of Technological Forecasting

Dr. George Atsalakis is Assistant Professor of Technological Forecasting, at the School of Production Engineering and Management at Technical University of Crete, Greece. He received the Diploma in Business Administration from the Economical University of Athens, Greece in 1986. He received the M.Sc. degree in Business Administration and the PhD degree in Stock market forecasting from Technical University of Crete. Dr. Atsalakis’ research interests are focused in the areas of forecasting in the local and international markets, in technological forecasting, in forecasting of entrepreneurship evolution and forecasting of innovative economies and societies. He is focus in the Silk Road One Belt One Road market. He is using fuzzy, neuro-fuzzy and neural networks as forecasting tools. He has published 2 books and over 90 book chapters, scientific journals and conference papers. Also, he has published more than 100 articles in high reputation newspaper and magazine about the Greek crisis, the economy development, the Silk Road (One Belt One Road) etc.

Dr Atsalakis has also organized and implemented international conferences, specialized seminars and short courses. He also acts as a Referee in various journals concerned with fuzzy, neuro-fuzzy, and neural network forecasting.

He is strategic partner and official  advisor of the I.C.C. (International Chamber of Commerce) in Greece for Silk Road Issues (One Belt One Road). He has participated in many SRCIC summits (Xi’an Sept. 2016, Kyrgyzstan April 2017, Beijing May 2017  and December 2017).

He is conducting scientific research for Silk Roads issues at the Laboratory of Data Analysis and Forecasting.

He has published many articles about the influence of Silk Road in the highest reputation Greek newspaper “Kathimerini” and in various magazines.

Research Interests

forecasting in the local and international markets, in technological forecasting, in forecasting of entrepreneurship evolution and forecasting of innovative economies and societies

Recent Key Publications

  • Atsalakis, G. (2014). New technology product demand forecasting by a Fuzzy Inference System. Operational Research An International Journal, Volume 14, Issue 2, Page 225-236.
  • Atsalakis, G. (2014). New technology in shopping: Forecasting electronically shopping by a neuro-fuzzy system. Journal of Food Products Marketing, accepted 29.9.2014 (Springer -Μ)
  • Atsalakis, G., Tsakalaki, K., Skiadas, C., (2014) Semiconductor forecasting, Conference in Chaotic modelling and simulation. Theoretical and Applied Issues in Statistics and Demography
  • Atsalakis, G., (2014). Agriculture commodity price forecasting using a fuzzy inference system. C. Zopounidis et al. (eds.), Agricultural Cooperative Management and Policy DOI: 10.1007/978-3-319-06635-6_19 Springer International Publishing Switzerland 2014
  • Atsalakis G., Cnarogiannaki E., and Zopounidis C., (2013). Tourism Demand Forecasting Based on a Neuro-fuzzy Model. Submitted International Journal of Corporate Finance and Accounting.
  • Atsalakis, G., Atsalaki I., (2013). A neuro fuzzy model for inflation forecasting. Journal of Computational Optimization in Economics and Finance, Vol 5 (2).
  • Makridou, G., Atsalakis, G., Zopounidis, C. and Andriosopoulos, K. (2013) Gold price forecasting with a neuro-fuzzy-based inference system. International Journal of Financial Engineering and Risk Management, Vol. 1, No. 1, pp. 35–54






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