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Identifying Marketing Actions That Drive Financial Performance

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The Marketing-Finance Research Lab (MFRL) at Maastricht University comprises a growing group of international researchers and educators in both marketing and finance. In the lab, we share and combine our scholarship and expertise to provide interdisciplinary research, education, and engagement with business leaders. Located in the heart of Europe in the city of Maastricht, our vision is to achieve leadership in academia as well as business. For more information on the composition of our team, our activities, an overview of latest publications, the various ways to get in touch with us, and stay up-to-date about our most recent endeavors, please select one of the tabs below.

Our research fields include:

  • Financial Decision-Making
  • New Product Development
  • Financial Services Marketing
  • Risk Management
  • Market-Based Assets and Firm Value

Conference on Commodities, Volatility, and Risk Management

The Impacts of Trade Restrictions, Market Imperfections, and Green Finance

13-15 May 2019 Paris (France)


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