Drs. Theo Benos

PhD candidate

Theo Benos is a PhD candidate at the department of Marketing & Supply Chain Management. He studied Economics (B.Sc.) at the Athens University of Economics and Business, Agribusiness Marketing (M.Sc.) at Wageningen University and Marketing Research (Advanced MA) at Ghent University. He has worked, among others, at Unilever and the European Commission and he currently manages the portal for Greek agribusiness www.gyri.gr . His current research agenda focuses on agribusiness management, sustainability and social exclusion.

Research Interests

sustainability, cooperatives, food & agribusiness management & marketing, marketing-finance, social exclusion.

Recent Key Publications


  1. Benos, T., Kalogeras, N., Verhees, F., Sergaki, P., Pennings, J.M.E. (2015) "Cooperatives’ Organizational Restructuring, Strategic Attributes and Performance: The Case of Agribusiness Cooperatives in Greece" Agribusiness: An International Journal (forthcoming).


  1. Kalogeras, N., Pennings, J.M.E., Benos, T. and M. Doumpos (2013), “Which Co-op ownership model performs better? A financial-decision aid approach,” Agribusiness: An International Journal, Vol. 29 (1): 80-95.







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